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When asked why she chose the years of WWII as a setting for her novels, Ms. Grant says, “What better characters for a romance than those from the Greatest Generation and in a setting considered the Last Great Romantic Era?”  Ms. Grant said she felt an overwhelming compassion to give these inspiring heroes and heroines a well deserved place in the romance genre.  After two years of false starts, blank pages and hours of research, Ms. Grant’s debut novel, A PAIR OF WINGS, is the resulting labor of love.  At a very early age, Ms. Grant discovered the quintessential heroes and heroines of those old black and white movies, and nothing has been the same since.  As she got older, she discovered two new loves—history and the romance novel.  Six years ago, she aspired to tell her own stories and set out to become published.  Lorna currently calls Southern Nevada home, where she resides with her family.  Lorna is already hard at work on her next WWII romance, Kiss Me Once Again, between a spoiled Hollywood starlet and a grounded B-17 pilot - one's a spy and the other is out to catch them.  When not writing, Lorna can be found curled up with a book by one of her many favorite authors.


Before writing A PAIR OF WINGS, Ms. Grant’s short story, "The 'Muse'-ings of an Author's Cat", was accepted for publication in the anthology CRUMBS IN THE KEYBOARD.  Released April 2002 from Echelon Press, benefits from CRUMBS went to the Center for Women and Families, located in Louisville, KY.  “Musings” is a story told from her cat’s point of view and how the feline believes to be the “true” Muse.  “The idea to write from Socks’ point of view came to me as she pawed through my research notes as I sat and stared at a blank screen,” she says when asked about the unique story. 




Inspired, Ms. Grant decided to help raise funds for the America’s 20th Century Veterans’ Memorial in North Platte, NE with LET US NOT FORGET, published in 2002 from iUniverse.  A total of fifty-seven veterans and writers gave a piece of themselves for this tribute, including two former US Senators and veterans: Bob Dole, who wrote the Foreword, and Bob Kerry, who contributed the Introduction.  “It was an honor to work not only with Senators Dole and Kerry, but so many other wonderful veterans, both men and women.” 








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