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Vintage Romance Publishing

November 2005

ISBN: 0-9770-107-1-6


1944... She didn't want to love him... He wouldn't let her walk away.  The war brought them together... Would it also tear them apart?








A Work in Progress


Veronica Russell is a Hollywood Legend - and a spy.  Jake Sinclair is assigned to ferret out the traitor.  Will their search for the truth destroy the love they've discovered or unite them in their quest?









A Work in Progress


An escaped fighter pilot is sent Stateside to become a flight instructor - for women.  His old flame is now a WASP, ferrying planes across the country.  Can he learn to let go of his resentment while she learns to trust him again?


A Work in Progress


A reluctant Coast Watcher is forced to share his island with a stranded Flight Nurse.  Will they be rescued before they kill each other or are spotted by the Japanese?