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A Pair of Wings

Vintage Romance Publishing

ISBN: 0-9770-107-1-6





She didn't want to love him...


Colleen Vaughn, a US Army Nurse, has experienced the effects of war first hand.  When she's told her fiancé has been killed in action, she vows never to fall in love again.  Until she meets a pair of haunting blue eyes and dimples.  Only problem is - he's another pilot flying into danger.


He wouldn't let her walk away...


As a P-51 pilot, Captain Daniel Ryan has one mission: protect the bombers and get back alive.  The last thing he needs is to fall in love.  Soon he wonders just who is more dangerous - the enemy firing back at him or the woman who fights the love they share.


The war brought them together.  Would it also tear them apart?





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