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The Romance Studio - 5 Hearts 


ďWhat an incredible book! I literally read it in one day (and it's not a short book). Even though my favorite genre is historical romance, I usually do not particularly like the WWII era. I am not too fond of wartime situations. However, this phenomenal story changed my mind!  There are so many extraordinary events in this story that there is no way to chronically convey them without completely giving the story away. I would never do that because this remarkable story needs to be experienced first hand.  Ms. Lorna K. Grant has an unquestionable winner in this novel. Make sure you take advantage of this narrative!"




Coffee Time Romance - 4 Cups 


ďMs. Grant paints a wonderful picture of wartime romance, with realistic plotting, likable characters, and just the right balance of hopeful perseverance amid the danger and devastation of war.  Lovers of historical romance will enjoy this heart-warming story.Ē






Fallen Angel Reviews - 4 Angels 


ďA Pair of Wings is a poignant story set against the background of war.  The strength of the story lies in the characters and the accuracy of the time period. It is very easy for readers to understand and empathize with the pain and hope the characters feel as they react to the very real devastation of war.  The men and women portrayed are feasible and likable. Even though Colleen and Danielís love blooms quickly, the future is uncertain. Ms. Grant depicts their tests and trials in such a way that readersí hearts canít help but be touched.  Not only must Colleen and Daniel confront the physical complications implied by war, but also the harsher emotional lessons that come from being confronted with loss and death.  Readers may not always like the decisions made by the characters, but they are consistent with the personalities Ms. Grant has crafted and the reality of the human spirit during struggles. The plot moves along at a comfortable pace and allows readers to be drawn into the entire story.  A Pair of Wings will leave readers moved by the depth of love and friendship Colleen and Daniel discover, while also serving as a reminder that life and love are never to be taken lightly.Ē






Jaycee Clark - Winner Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award



ďA Pair of Wings is a wonderful book set against WWII that showcases the loyalty and strengths of lovers from the Greatest Generation.  It makes me wish for more books from this time period.  I canít wait to see what Ms. Grant comes up with next.Ē





Laurie Paige - USA Today Best Selling RITA Finalist


"A Pair of Wings is a wonderfully moving story about the power of love, the value of friendship and the resiliency of the human spirit during desperate times. Set in WWII London, the characters will grab your heart as they face danger and treachery where they least expect it. Keep a stack of hankies close while you read this tender, gripping tale."





Kally Jo Surbeck - 2005 EPPIE Winner for For the Love Of...


"With fantastic attention to detail Lorna K. Grant has crafted a hauntingly lovely war time romance with A Pair of Wings.  Daniel and Colleen are two characters who both tug at your heart and beg for your support in following them in their quest for love."





Lori Avocato - Award-Winning Mystery Author


"Lorna Grant takes us back in time to WWII when lives intersected on the battlefields and hearts were broken amid the war.  Grant's story pulls the reader into the romance, the fears, the joys of those who bravely served their country. As an ex-Air Force nurse myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of the Army nurses and could vividly picture their lives during the war--and the loves they found. A great, warm sensual read!"




Sime~Gen Reviews - 5 Stars


"A Pair of Wings is a must-read.  It will tug at the heart strings and seep into the soul of the reader. Please keep a box of Kleenex handy for this one.  The prayer is so touching, it should move you to tears.  I know it did for me.  Lorna K. Grant has a rare gift.  She stirred up such deep emotions in the characters, and brought each emotion out for the world to experience and enjoy on page after exciting page in this heart-felt novel."





Single Titles - 4 1/2 Stars


"In this heartfelt romantic story, Lorna K. Grant proves she is an author who can call forth a myriad of emotions from readers.   As I watched Colleen and Daniel's lives during the dark days of World War II, I found myself cheering them on at times while other moments had me become teary. Ms. Grant definitely shows how war can give as well as take from someone. A Pair of Wings is an outstanding story about the enduring power of love, and will stir reader's own emotions from the first to last page."





Romantic Times - 3 Stars


"The settings are by turns beautiful and brutal.  Grant does a wonderful job of touching on the human cost of war, the risk of loving in the midst of it, the power of friendship and the triumph of the human spirit."





Merline Lovelace - USA Today Best-selling Author


"Lorna Grant's A Pair of Wings is a poignant romance that takes us back to a time when the world was at war and the future so very uncertain. What a stirring tribute to the men and women who sacrificed so much for the freedom we now enjoy!"





Elle James - Award Winning Author

"Lorna Grant pens a poignant tale of ever-lasting love through the misery and sadness of war in her novel A Pair of Wings. Her characters are full and rich and her attention to detail make the book come alive with the sights, sounds and smells of the era. A Pair of Wings is a touching WWII love story you won't want to miss!"





Novelspot - Rating: 9


"A Pair of Wings will be a trip down memory lane for some readers.  Ms. Grantís characters clearly deliver all of the qualities of life and love in the 40ís.  A Pair of Wings has sad and glad moments and left me near tears at some times and laughing at others.  Ms. Grant never loses sight of the fact that this story is a romance.  Ms. Grant delivers a fine piece of writing, and, from strictly a readerís opinion, this novel was as near perfection in editing, style and deep characterization as any Iíve read.  Simply put, I just loved Daniel and Colleenís story and highly recommend this nostalgic trip down memory lane."






Romance Reader at Heart - 4 Roses


"Lorna K. Grant has done an exemplary job of conveying both time and place in her WWII themed release, A Pair of Wings.  Evoking fond memories of Saturday matinee movies featuring the b/w wartime dramas from the 1940's and early '50's, A Pair of Wings is a potent mixture of bittersweet romance and wartime drama, dashed with humor and a lot of sass.  Both Daniel and Colleen are great romantic leads and perfect for each other. Supported by the secondary characters and love lives of Colleen's fellow nursing buddies, Ruth, Melanie and Vivian, along with Daniel's high-flying best friend, Rick, Ms. Grant immerses the reader in the sights, language, sounds and atmosphere of the swinging, big band wartime era of the 40's.  With a hint of the paranormal and its touching prologue and poignant last chapteróthe latter which made me cryóA Pair of Wings is a wonderfully written story of everlasting love and enduring devotion, proving that, in the end, true love really can conquer all."





TCM Reviews


I have a new favorite author and a romance novel that I know Iíll reread until the cover gets ratty. Several of the scenes (when Daniel is waiting at the train, the soldierís last words to Daniel, when Daniel brings news of Rickís demise and of course the scene on Christmas Eve) will haunt me forever.  Iíve never been so completely swept away by a romance story before reading A Pair of Wings.





Road To Romance


Grant has researched the time frame well and inserts historical details in a way that brings the story to life for the reader. I will look for more books by this author.